Optional Assignment

Throughout the semester, optional assignments were alotted to us students. Yes, they did obviously help us out grade wise, but it broadened our horizons through networking, research, and finding new ways to get information on topics.

One of the optional assignments I took part in was Diigo. It is designed to help people when they research information online, and want to highlight, write, place a post-it, or emphasize a certain part of the source they are viewing. I, however, was not very Diigo friendly, for some reason. I do see how it could be helpful, but I just think that I am going to stick to either printing out my sources and highlighting them on my own, or just viewing them on the screen and not trying to edit it at all for my help. I do not know if it was my computer, Diigo itself, or an unbalanced combination of the two. Diigo is very  neat and convenient I am sure for some people, but I could not get used to it and was not able to use it much.

Another assignment that was optional was to discuss our discipline with a specialist or professor in the field. I am clearly a Pre-dental Biology major and my specialist was less than helpful and cooperative unfortunately. However, when I went home in October, I was lucky enough to meet with Dr. Barry Vlass, a practicing dentist in Roswell, GA. He was very eager to talk to me about Dentistry and his experiences at Georgia Tech and MCG. He has had a very well established practice for over 30 years now, and has run a wonderful business at that. His advice to me was to find a certain something in dentistry, a type of passion that goes beyond the mouth. That, and start to love coffee for the long nights of studying I have in the near future. He was a huge help in finding me the professional journal that I analyzed for the Published discourse report, and found me 3 more Professional journals as well. So thank you do Dr. Barry Vlass for providing me with extensive reading and a deeper, better understanding of dentistry.



So far for the portfolio…

So far for this portfolio we have turned in our Discourse Overview Report which was a file that discussed the language, background, and research that occurs in whatever major that the student is currently studying.

What I found in my area of studying, Pre-Dental Biology, is that the writing is very factual, filled with research and information, and all about informating the patients and fellow workers in the dental field about new and upcoming technology and findings. I learned all about the history of Dentistry dating back to years BC and about the rise of equipment throughout the years. The current agenda created by the American Dental Association (ADA) has allowed all patients and workers in the dental field to catch on, and be aware of all that is planned for the upcoming years in areas of research, technology, and improving public oral health.

Specifically, this year the ADA’s main focus is on making convenient and effective improvements on oral health in the public community, as well as finding ways to help detect and prevent diseases effecting full body health as well.

The discourse overview report was a huge help in understanding my major, how to write in it, and what all to expect in the research aspect of my upcoming years as a pre-dental student.


Following New Blog

I started following a new blog today, the Ohio State Amercian Student Dental Association page.

They have a newsletter that goes out every once in a while, goes by the name “The Quarterly Rinse”. It discusses current issues in our government, public policies, and so forth that affect the dental world.

Currently, Washington D.C. held a “Lobby Day”. Dental professionals and reporters from all over the country gathered here to discuss main things that the dental world could improve. The main issue discussed was the “Oral Health Act” that is currently under review in our government. It is two bills that ask ultimately for 20 million dollars in grants for improving our public oral health care access and quality. Also, we want it to further our ability in research and aid for the public. That being said, the call for more co-sponsors is also discussed at this “Lobby Day”. This newsletter specifically said it was a successful time of just mere conversation about these issues and ways to improve them.



The Journal Of Professional Excellence

Although lengthy, I have finally started to read the September 2012 issue journal titled, “The Journal of Professional Excellence: Dimensions of Dental Hygiene“. It has stories ranging from how to protect your patients from the everyday bacteria they can come across in the office, to the ties between oral and systemic health testings with saliva. I just came across the most interesting find about breast cancer tying into your oral cavity health and the upkeep of science with salivary testing.


Above is the website where you can access the journal.

Inside the journal also contains many advertisements for new cleaning products that are up and coming, products that are more environmental friendly and so on.

The first disseciton of an article that I am doing is the one about the Science of saliva, as mentioned earlier. So far, it was made clear that just as the world is majority water and we focus on the cleanliness and upkeep of our planet’s to prevent environmental problems, our bodies are also majority water. That being said, the liquid that is in our mouths (saliva) is 99.5% water (said Jackie Sanders, RDH, BS, Manager and Professional Relations of Sunstar Americas Inc.). We must use research methods to find out ways to better our bodies and rid our saliva of small bacteria that can cause major problems with full body health, along with the obvious oral health.

I will post my newer findings soon!

Cosmetic Dentistry Education Blog-1

I started following a blog last night, http://dentaleducationblog.com/, is a site that is loaded with different helpful information. This site offers highlighted news stories, certain frequently asked questions, answers to questions people do not necessarily think about, services to help people find local dentists, current trends, and so on.

It talks about the current issue in New York of the ban on sugary drinks. The banned products include sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces such as energy drinks, pre-sweetened teas, and non-diet sodas. It leaves out fruit juices, dairy based drinks, low calorie diet sodas, and alcoholic beverages. It is an extremely controversial subject in the American Dental Association and the New York Board of Health that is currently making headlines. It is a story that shows how the ADA and Board of Health is finally trying to convey the huge connection between general body health and oral health.

The topic of systemic, full body, health being connected to oral health is a topic that is sweeping dentists across the country. Dental services are making plans for the future to help control the tie between the two, and to manage general health in all of their patients, starting with their mouths.

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Hello WordPress world! My name is Ali Asip and I am currently a sophmore student at GSU studying Biology for the pre-dental field. My mom is a dental hygienist and my uncle the dentist that she works for. A love for teeth certainly runs in the family. I love Biology mostly because it was the most challenging subject for me. I love a challenge and reading interesting information and research, which is all a little part of why I look forward to being a dentist.