Embarking on a new journey

Starting this WordPress blog years ago, I was intending to create networks in the world of Dentistry. Years later, I have changed my major and my plans for the future. I have started to gear toward becoming an Occupational therapist and helping those in need of everyday motor skill enhancement, aid, and development. I look forward to exploring the world of Occupational therapy and using technology tools to do so. 

For most of my posts, I will be updating readers of my blog on the progress I am making on a specific project called The 20% Project. Specifically, I am looking for new and innovative ways that Occupation Therapists (OTs) can use technology to help outpatient clients in the comfort of their own home. It is important that patients who are not enrolled in a full time rehabilitation center understand ways they can keep up their therapy at home. There should be more apps that they can by to either track or log their progress and things they have completed at home, or even apps that can be that kind of therapy. OTs can use apps such as motor skill therapy apps, brain exercises, easy to do kid apps and so on. Our world is becoming more and more technologically advanced. It is only appropriate that OTs keep up with these advancements and use it to their advantage! 

Technology can also improve the awareness that patients have of their conditions and knowledge of how to participate in therapy to better themselves. There have been countless amounts of cases where miracles happen to those who were not supposed to walk, talk, and function as an everyday average person again. Those cases can keep happening with the aid of technology giving more options to OTs on what exactly a patient needs as a life care plan. OTs can build their audience using social media in technology and allow fellow OTs or other patients to have FAQs answered and have resources to go to when needing anything. 

Technology can be an OTs best friend, and it is my job during this project to see exactly how that can happen. I look forward to trying to bridge the gap of this kind of healthcare and their use of technology to help outpatient clients in the comfort of their own home. 


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