So far for the portfolio…

So far for this portfolio we have turned in our Discourse Overview Report which was a file that discussed the language, background, and research that occurs in whatever major that the student is currently studying.

What I found in my area of studying, Pre-Dental Biology, is that the writing is very factual, filled with research and information, and all about informating the patients and fellow workers in the dental field about new and upcoming technology and findings. I learned all about the history of Dentistry dating back to years BC and about the rise of equipment throughout the years. The current agenda created by the American Dental Association (ADA) has allowed all patients and workers in the dental field to catch on, and be aware of all that is planned for the upcoming years in areas of research, technology, and improving public oral health.

Specifically, this year the ADA’s main focus is on making convenient and effective improvements on oral health in the public community, as well as finding ways to help detect and prevent diseases effecting full body health as well.

The discourse overview report was a huge help in understanding my major, how to write in it, and what all to expect in the research aspect of my upcoming years as a pre-dental student.



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