Following New Blog

I started following a new blog today, the Ohio State Amercian Student Dental Association page.

They have a newsletter that goes out every once in a while, goes by the name “The Quarterly Rinse”. It discusses current issues in our government, public policies, and so forth that affect the dental world.

Currently, Washington D.C. held a “Lobby Day”. Dental professionals and reporters from all over the country gathered here to discuss main things that the dental world could improve. The main issue discussed was the “Oral Health Act” that is currently under review in our government. It is two bills that ask ultimately for 20 million dollars in grants for improving our public oral health care access and quality. Also, we want it to further our ability in research and aid for the public. That being said, the call for more co-sponsors is also discussed at this “Lobby Day”. This newsletter specifically said it was a successful time of just mere conversation about these issues and ways to improve them.


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