The Journal Of Professional Excellence

Although lengthy, I have finally started to read the September 2012 issue journal titled, “The Journal of Professional Excellence: Dimensions of Dental Hygiene“. It has stories ranging from how to protect your patients from the everyday bacteria they can come across in the office, to the ties between oral and systemic health testings with saliva. I just came across the most interesting find about breast cancer tying into your oral cavity health and the upkeep of science with salivary testing.

Above is the website where you can access the journal.

Inside the journal also contains many advertisements for new cleaning products that are up and coming, products that are more environmental friendly and so on.

The first disseciton of an article that I am doing is the one about the Science of saliva, as mentioned earlier. So far, it was made clear that just as the world is majority water and we focus on the cleanliness and upkeep of our planet’s to prevent environmental problems, our bodies are also majority water. That being said, the liquid that is in our mouths (saliva) is 99.5% water (said Jackie Sanders, RDH, BS, Manager and Professional Relations of Sunstar Americas Inc.). We must use research methods to find out ways to better our bodies and rid our saliva of small bacteria that can cause major problems with full body health, along with the obvious oral health.

I will post my newer findings soon!


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