Cosmetic Dentistry Education Blog-1

I started following a blog last night,, is a site that is loaded with different helpful information. This site offers highlighted news stories, certain frequently asked questions, answers to questions people do not necessarily think about, services to help people find local dentists, current trends, and so on.

It talks about the current issue in New York of the ban on sugary drinks. The banned products include sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces such as energy drinks, pre-sweetened teas, and non-diet sodas. It leaves out fruit juices, dairy based drinks, low calorie diet sodas, and alcoholic beverages. It is an extremely controversial subject in the American Dental Association and the New York Board of Health that is currently making headlines. It is a story that shows how the ADA and Board of Health is finally trying to convey the huge connection between general body health and oral health.

The topic of systemic, full body, health being connected to oral health is a topic that is sweeping dentists across the country. Dental services are making plans for the future to help control the tie between the two, and to manage general health in all of their patients, starting with their mouths.


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